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Life Insurance - Ask About our Cash Back Incentives when you take out a new policy

A life insurance, with the aim to guarantee the financial stability of the insured’s family and helps towards paying inheritance taxes.

The policy covers -

  • Death for any reason

Additional coverage for:-

  • Death in an accident
  • Death in a road accident
  • Death of Spouse
  • Total permanent disability for any reason
  • Total permanent disability caused by an accident
  • Total permanent disability caused by a road accident
  • Critical illnesses
  • Funeral expenses including repatriation to your country of residence or back to Spain if you are out of the country
  • The policy will provide up to 10% of the capital sum insured (or maximum of 5,000 ) to help towards the funeral costs.
  • Policy will continue until the age of 80
  • New policyholders accepted up to the age of 70
 Age Death Benefit Cost Type of Payment
40 €200,000 €16.67 Monthly
50 €50,000 €14.16 Monthly
60 €7,000 €49.00 Annual
70 €5,000 €90.00 Annual

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Life Insurance

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