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Funeral Insurance

At some stage in our lives, especially when living abroad, there comes a time when we must think about Wills and our demise.  We wonder about our loved ones and what to leave them.  However, there are some things that we would not wish to leave them.  These include the burden of high funeral costs, the worry of deciding on funeral arrangements, your personal wishes and the legal requirements.

Not forgetting the great stress a loved ones death causes.  Combined with handling the different language culture and customs and not forgetting the speed with which Spain expects a funeral to be carried out.  All this can cause great distress and turn out to be extremely expensive.

If you are concerned with any of these aspects, then having a Funeral Insurance will remove most, if not all of the decisions and expenses.

 Flexibility to adapt the insurance to your own personal requirements

  • The price you join at is the price it stays at. It will not increase as your age increases
  • Flexible payment options, Monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual payments (no upfront lump payments)
  • Payments start from 70pence / 80 cents per day
  • Covers death worldwide

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Funeral Insurance

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