Newsletter - Issue 2


In This Issue:
  • Travel Insurance
  • Car Hire Excess Waiver Policies
  • Insuring UK Vehicles
  • What to Do in the Event of an Accident
  • Cash Back
  • Free Brexit Health Check
  • Free Prize Draw
  • Final Words

Next week, will be the start of the Easter Holidays and I am sure many of you, who live over in the UK, will be getting ready to make the trip over to Spain to try and escape from the atrocious weather you are having.  It is definitely starting to warm up here in Spain and I know last week, we saw temperatures of around 20 degrees, although March, is a very changeable month, so be sure to bring your jackets as well!

Following on from my email last month regarding Travel Insurance, many of you have asked for quotes.  With the holidays fast approaching, I have given some sample quotes below. So if you are planning a trip to or from Spain, you can see below, how competitive the prices are.  Also, with our Travel Insurance, although we do not cover pre-existing illnesses, they would be covered, subject to the following Criteria.

  • If your condition is Heart or Cancer related and was diagnosed 5 years or more AND, there has been no major change to the condition, regular checks are carried out with a doctor AND your medication has not changed, then this would be covered
  • If your condition is other than Heart or Cancer related and was diagnosed 2 years of more AND, there has been no major change to the condition, regular checks are carried out with a doctor AND your medication has not changed, then this would be covered

If you do not fit the above criteria, then we can offer quotations on request. Choice to pay in either Euros of Pounds and all policies cover Cruises as standard cover.

    Annual Premium
Country Reside In Travellers Age Travel to No of days travel any one trip Euros Pounds
Spain Couple 65 WW – ex. USA 32 192.07€ £ 153.66
UK Couple 65 Europe 90 NA £ 141.19
Spain Couple 70 WW inc USA 32 563.71€ £ 450.92
Spain Single 79 Europe 90 204.39€ £ 163.51
UK Couple 65 WW inc USA 17 NA £ 307.02
UK Single 70 WW ex USA 45 NA £ 249.52

If you would like to calculate your own quote on line, you may do so from the following link.

  Car Hire Excess Waiver Policies - or Care Hire Rental Insurance 

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Did you know that when you rent a car, if it is damaged or stolen you could be left paying the bill?
Many car hire rental agreements do give an option for a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), or Excess Waiver, but usually you will still be liable for the excess the rental company has to pay to their car insurance company, even if it’s not your fault, which could be more than £2,000 and often buying this cover from the car hire company can be very expensive!
Through one of our Lloyds partners, we are now able to offer to EU residents ‘Deluxe’ Car Rental Insurance. It not only covers the excess charged by car hire companies on a rental car agreement if your hire car is damaged or stolen, but also some cover, which is not normally available under a car rental company policy.
Deluxe Car Rental Insurance For EU Residents Includes:
  £5,000 EU Excess Reimbursement (£50,000 Worldwide)
     (includes windscreen, roof, tyres & under body damage)
  £500 Key cover
  £500 Misfuelling cover
  £1,000 Car Jacking Cover
  £10,000 Personal Accident
  £300 Personal Possessions
  £100 Lock Out
  £30/£300 Curtailment of Rental (per day/per agreement)
  EU & Worldwide Car Rental Cover Available
  Home Country Cover Included
  And More… If you frequently rent cars at home, or abroad, then the annual multi-trip policy may be an even more affordable option, saving you both time and money compared to buying single trip car hire insurance. The annual multi-trip cover car rental period options are either 31 or 60 days maximum duration per trip and unlimited trips in a policy year. Price for a 60 year old for unlimited trips, for 31 days each trip, would be 41.23 pounds for the Deluxe cover!  Don’t get caught out by these extortionate hire car excesses and covers and make sure you take out this excellent insurance!!


Insuring UK Vehicles


This topic is such a hot potato at the moment, regarding how long a UK plated vehicle can remain here in Spain before it needs to be changed to Spanish plates and I cannot give you the definitive answer on this.  However, what I can tell you is, that we will insure these vehicles, regardless of how long they are in Spain for, subject to them being road legal, as they would be in the UK. e.g. MOT & Tax are in order.  Also, if you take your vehicle out of Spain (UK or Spanish registered), your Liberty insurance policy will cover you for an unlimited time out of the country and you will not need any additional documentation, other than your existing car insurance documents.  The vehicle breakdown and roadside assistance cover, (in addition to covering you in Spain with a freephone number),  will also cover you out of Spain, with a reverse call charge telephone number.  So, if you currently have a car in the UK which you insure in the UK, but you do bring it over to Spain on holiday, then why not see what our price would be to insure it over here!  All UK registered vehicles are automatically updated on the UK Motor Insurance Database, as they currently are with a UK insurer.  

What to Do in The Event of an Accident

In the UK, if you have an accident, this is relatively easy to deal with.  Both parties (more than likely) speak the same language, details are exchanged and the claim is dealt with.  But what happens when you are in a country, where your native language is not spoken!  So many times, I see straightforward non-fault accidents, going against our clients. This is mainly because our clients do not follow some of these simple procedures. 1. ONLY complete the motor accident report form if you fully understand what is being written on the form.If the other driver is of a different Nationality to you and completes the form, in a language you do not understand, DO NOT SIGN THE FORM. Many times, I see a straightforward non-fault accident, being classed as a fault accident, as both parties signed the form and therefore agreed what was written was fact!  If you don’t agree to sign the form, you can then complete your version of events later and forward a copy of the accident report form to our office. 2. At the scene of the accident ensure the following is carried out

  • Take photographs of the car, the registration plate and if possible, the person who was driving the other vehicle
  • Ask for the other persons insurance details.Take a photograph of this document.
  • Ask for a copy of the drivers identification card.Most drivers, will carry some form of ID.Take a photograph of this document
  • Take photographs of where both cars were positioned AFTER the accident.This is very important and can help identify who was at fault, if the accident details are open to different interpretations.

3.In the event you or your passengers are injured, or you notice that the opposing driver is under the influence of alcohol or does not accept his/her liability and refuses to give you his/her details or insurance details, or he/she admits to not having insurance, call the police immediately.  In this instance, when a police officer comes to the scene, they will then complete an accident statement, which will be used as evidence for your claim.

  • The majority of insurance policies are for any driver over 25.It has been known for policyholders, to allow their children to drive these vehicles, without being properly noted on the insurance.In these instances, always ensure, you obtain the ID details of the driver, so the details of who was actually driving the vehicle, at the time of the accident, cannot be altered at a later date.

 4. Witnesses – don’t be afraid to ask independent people, who witnessed the accident for their details.Name, address and telephone number and a photograph of their ID, if they are happy to provide this. I would like to add, the majority of claims are processed with no problems.  However, the adage to be forewarned is to be forearmed is quite useful in these instances!

Cash Back is Back! Liberty reward existing clients, who take out a second insurance with Liberty.  Either a car at 400.00€+ premium on comprehensive cover, a home at 200€+ or a life insurance at 200€+.  This applies to new policies only, not existing renewals.  Also, if you are a new client to Liberty, you will receive 30€ for your first insurance and then any additional policies you take out with us, earns you a 60€ cash back as an existing customer!  The offer closes 25th June 2018!

Free Brexit Health Check

Expat Breakfast Meeting - Monday 9th April
11am at Bar Code - Alfaz Del Pi, Alicante

Graham Dixon who provides our clients with independent Financial Advice, is holding a Breakfast meeting, to discuss Financial Planning, Pension, Tax advice and how Brexit could affect you financially.  Graham is affiliated to the Blacktower Financial Management group.  If you would like to receive any advice and information and you live locally to Alfaz, please contact Graham and confirm your attendance to his seminar on Monday 09th April.  There is even a complimentary breakfast included. Contact details - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 645 429 815

Free Prize Draw Please don´t forget, if you take out ANY insurance product with Beneficial Insurance,  from now until 30th April, you will automatically be entered into the draw to win the Amazon TV firestick!  Plus, don´t forget that if you are the person who has referred your friend or family, you too will automatically be entered for the draw!  What are you waiting for..... Get referring!!

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information quote ref FIRESTICK2018

Final Words Thank you for taking the time out to read this newsletter, if you have any questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I always look forward to talking with my clients.  Whatever your insurance requirements, here at Beneficial Insurance, we have it covered!  

Enjoy your Easter and try not to over-indulge too much with the chocolates !!

Kindest Regards

Jayne Smith

*Amount Prime subscription is currently 19.95 per year.  We will pay the cost of the subscription for the first year. (If the subscription cost increases above the 19.95 before this offer ends, any additional subscription fees will be the responsibility of the winner)

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